6 Must Have Checklist For Every New E Commerce Website

6 Must Have Checklist For Every New E Commerce Website

If you want to have an Ecommerce website nowadays, it has to be made and cared for like it would be from the best Ecommerce website development company in USA.. This basically means that you shouldn’t only look for the cheapest solution. In fact, with enough research, you can find a company which can offer you cheap Ecommerce web development while offering you high quality. Of course, before having a website, check out this checklist for an Ecommerce website which you will be able to find quite helpful. Also, if you bear in mind the following things, your website will be more successful and thus, profitable.


The basics always start with having a SEO friendly URL. The URL lets the search engines index the content of your page. This is why you must have the URLs structured in a way which makes your website search engine friendly. You can do this by structuring your URLs in logical way avoiding the scramble of letters and numbers. Also, you should structure your website and you need to have different filters and categories.


There are two URLs to a page on the website – one that doesn’t preface “www” and one that does. Writing “www” before making your search would lead you to the same page. Still, the search engine crawlers don’t assume this way and they treat the different searches as they are separate pages. If the search engines consider this as a duplicate content, the website owner might get penalties and the website would get lower rankings. This means that all the non-www versions of the URL should have 301 redirection to the www version of the URL. This makes no difference whatsoever to the visitor, but the search engines make a lot of difference here.


In order for your visitors to be able to navigate through your site, you must have breadcrumb navigation. They are built as HTML links which refer to other hierarchical site depth by showing the user the categories or tags. They improve usability which is why you should have them on almost every page.


The crawlers used by search engines cannot see the images. However, they need to understand what the page is about. Because of this, it is recommended to inform the crawlers about the images using the ALT tag/attribute. The search engines will be able to get the idea, the description and they will be able to show it in the search results.


Headers are important and it is important to know how to use them. This is why you need to have only one H1 tag on the pages which should be the main headline for the page containing the main keywords. Remember to use header tags in a hierarchical order.


User experiences are important, this is why you should avoid at all costs having broken lings, outdated statistics, 404 errors and etc.

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