How To Convert PSD To Shopify Responsive Theme

How To Convert PSD To Shopify Responsive Theme

You’ve got affectionately worked on a web-store design that has been made on PhotoShop. The picture record encapsulates each perspective of exactly how you need the brand to look to potential customers on the net. Be that as it may, you’ve got found the ponders of Shopify for your commerce, and are looking to change over your dream design over to this completely working eCommerce platform. We can help you convert your design from, PSD to Shopify with ease.

Shopify is an extremely well-known eCommerce solution for businesses looking to set up online stores. It reduces the hassle of complicated web development by providing ready-to-go product pages, wish lists, product comments, stock management, shopping carts, order dealing with and payment strategies. All for a small month to month charge. Design wise, the interface is completely customizable to suit your brand. The site itself gives free, standard, plan layouts to induce newbies begun. In any case, to have a really compelling Shopify store, that stands out from the rest and speaks to your company, it is best to obtain a custom HTML/CSS design. Here are a few informational on how to change over your PSD plan into a completely useful coded Shopify page. You can begin the process by Signing Up For A Free Shopify Account.

What you need to begin converting your PSD to Shopify
  • A PhotoShop design for your page
  • PhotoShop skills and a working copy of the program.
  • Knowledge of CSS/HTML.
  • A Shopify account and a sound knowledge of the customization settings.
  • Open your PSD document design in PhotoShop and use the slice tool.

The first step of the process is to slice your PSD design into smaller pieces by using the slice tool. We want to separate our design into smaller sections such as “header,” “sidebar” and “footer” to make them easier to code and more customizable. Just draw rectangles around the elements that you wish to separate.

  • Save the files as images (JPEG, JPG.)

Save the images by selecting File, Save for Web, and pick the highest resolution that you have. Then save in a jpg. This will prevent pixelated and blurry images from your site.

  • Save your PSD file as a HTML file.

In the same PhotoShop program, save the completed version as a .html file.

  • Upload and insert your files into the Shopify customisable CSS.

Upload your new HTML and image files to your server. Then you are ready to edit your page’s template and replace the relevant images with your customized content. PSD to Shopify is then complete.

Why choose us to convert PSD to Shopify?

If you are are not fluent with HTML or CSS. It may be best to employ a team of experts to make sure your website looks and runs to its’ optimum potential. Especially because website errors can put off potential customers by giving an unprofessional look. Shopify Builder is a team of Shopify Professionals who work with brands around the world to create dynamic online shopping experiences. We can get professional results with a small turnaround time. – We work from your PSD designs (or JPG, TIF, BMP etc.) to create a pixel-perfect representation suitably coded for the Shopify server.

All code is hand written to comply with W3C standards in HTML/XHTML and CSS formats.

  • All coding is clean, semantic and error free.
  • Templates can be sent to you as a ZIP file or installed straight onto the site for you, free of charge.
  • The final design is guaranteed to be compatible on every browser and device.
  • Our services include complete Search Engine Optimisation and content production for your page. (Different levels upon request.) See for more information below why this is absolutely crucial for your business success.
It isn’t all approximately great looks! Make your site simple to find with Search Engine Optimisation

Many other web developers, who have mastered building Shopify pages, do not follow the basic principles of SEO. This can be detrimental to a fledgling online store as getting visits is crucial to search engine visibility, sales, and future online success. It is important to use techniques to optimize the website and content and make it visible to customers searching online. We provide original and hand-written content along with top quality SEO skills to boost the website searchability on Google, Bing and Yahoo (along with other search engines.)

This makes your product easy to find by the customers who want to buy it. More importantly, we do this in an organic way, targeting growth without spamming. Spamming can result in a “strike” against your site, where search engines completely block your web page in any search results. A difficult mistake to rectify and the downfall of many businesses that use services who do not consider SEO of ultimate importance to the project.

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