How to Develop Plugins in WordPress?

How to Develop Plugins in WordPress?

Until some years back, many of us hadn’t composed a single WordPress plugin. Or maybe had made and customized many themes for clients, but for a few reason, we kept telling ourselves that making a plugin is beyond our capabilities.

In hindsight, we couldn’t have been more wrong.

In case you’ve ever felt this way, let us tell you something. Creating a WordPress plugin isn’t beyond your capabilities. Anybody that has skills enough to write basic PHP and modify a theme can create a plugin.

Create your first plugin in five simple steps
  1. FTP into your site

The primary thing you’ll need to do is get to your site via FTP utilizing the FTP program of your choice. In case you’re not familiar with FTP, we prescribe you read up on that before moving forward.

  1. Navigate to the WordPress plugins folder

Once you’ve accessed your site by means of FTP, you’ll have to be explore to the WordPress plugins folder. That folder is nearly always located at /wp-content/plugins.

  1. Create a new folder for your plugin

Now that you’re within the plugins folder it’s time to make a folder for yours! Go ahead and create a new folder, giving it a unique name using lowercase letters and dashes such as my-first-plugin. Once you’ve done that, enter your new folder and move on to the next step.

  1. Create the main PHP file for your plugin

Next, you’ll have to be create the most file for your plugin. To do so, create a PHP file within your new plugin folder and allow it the same name such as my-first-plugin.php. After you’ve done that, open your plugin’s main file and get prepared to do a few editing.

  1. Setup your plugin’s information

At long last, copy and paste the plugin information below into your main plugin file. Make sure to edit the details such Plugin Name and Plugin URI as they pertain to your plugin.

That’s it! You’ve just completed the minimum number of steps that are required to make a WordPress plugin. You’ll now activate it within the WordPress admin and revel in all of your eminence.

What now?

At this point you’re probably wondering what this plugin is supposed to do. Well, it doesn’t do anything! I said I would show you how to create a plugin, I didn’t say We would show you how to create a plugin that does anything.

All joking aside, the goal of this post is to illustrate just how simple it is to get started creating WordPress plugins. Whip one up with the steps outline above and you’re ready to start making things happen.

If you haven’t already, create your first plugin!

Making WordPress plugins is greatly liberating and an extraordinary way to pick up a more profound information of how WordPress works. If you haven’t already, we emphatically encourage you attempt your hand at making a plugin. In case you are doing and come up with sometime useful, do not forget that you simply can distribute it freely to others by means of the WordPress plugin directory.

Have you already made your first plugin or plan on creating one soon? In case so, we would cherish to listen about it within the comments underneath!

WordPress Plugin Development is one of our core offerings for a host of business specific needs and requirements. If you’re stuck somewhere while you’re creating your WordPress plugin or wanting someone to do it on your behalf, you can always reach our WordPress experts at Skylink Technology.

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