Points To Bare In Mind While Transferring Your Website From Http To Https

Why Responsive Website Are Must

A lot of website owners are confused on where to start before they migrate to https. Because of that, we have an https migration SEO checklist which you can follow. Of course, if you don’t know very much about it, you probably don’t even know how to get https for a website and that is okay. We would suggest seeking help from professionals on the benefits of https and the way you could do it. However, here is the checklist you should follow before you actually do the moving from http to https SEO.

Evaluate The State Of Your Website

To do this you need to crawl through whatever you have on your website. Recognizing the vulnerable things like the technology and all the things which break upon migration. You will need to approach some individually.

Make A Plan

Having the proper evaluation means that you should also have a set plan of actions on how you would address the issues that might occur before the migration.

Check The Ranking

Throughout the changes, you will face some turbulence in the rankings. However, to be sure that it isn’t anything serious, make sure you note the information before you migrated. Check the rankings daily for a week and you will know the usual rankings on it.

Choose The Proper Deployment Option

After you draft your migration plan, you must choose a proper deployment option. If you are brave enough, you’d probably choose to make the changes to the production environment directly. All users will have the changes available to them, but there can be bugs.

On the other hand, you can deploy the changes to the development environment. After testing it for quite some time, you can deploy them to the production website.

Of course, the hardest way of doing it is by setting up a staging environment. This way you will have a completely functional “mirror” of the website and you can test the changes there. After that, you can merge it with the production website.

Regardless of which option you choose, you need to take into consideration the specifics and the complexity of your website.

Get The HTTPs Certificate

To make sure you migrate, you need to get the required STL/TLS certificates on your server. You should do this only by having a very trusted and reliable certificate provider. They should also offer tech support.

SEO Things To Consider

After you’ve gotten your certificate and you’ve made sure that it works accordingly, you should set a server-side 301 redirects to the HTTPS version of your website. This is because that after you transfer your website, nobody should be able to find your resources in both version. Also, if you have duplicate content, you might face some problems in the search engines too.


We hope that you liked our https migration SEO checklist because all of these tasks are crucial before you transfer your website to https. We all know that http to https migration is time and energy-consuming, but this checklist will make sure that you don’t face any pitfalls.

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