Points To Consider Before Hiring A Drupal Developer

Points To Consider Before Hiring A Drupal Developer

Drupal developer is not just a single post but has some bifurcations inside. There is a Drupal site builder who builds sites in Drupal using admin UI by point and click process so they don’t need to work much with writing or editing codes.

Then there is a Drupal Themer (front-end developer) who should be expert in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Their work is to take a Drupal design and turn it into a working theme. Then there is Drupal Module Developer (Back-end developer), the one who does the server-side of the development using PHP or other server-side languages.

You can also go with a full-stack Drupal developer that fits all the three job profiles if your budget and needs call for such a decision. Both approaches have their own pros and cons and you need to weigh them according to your needs.

How will you decide whether the developer you are hiring is proficient or not? How to find the right developer for the project? What is the criterion of hiring an expert developer? The following list has all the answers.

Consider The Following Checklist Before Hiring A Drupal Developer:


An efficient Drupal programmer should have vast knowledge about the usage of various modules and plugins in Drupal CMS development. The developer should know the right implementation of the module as per the requirement.


A developer should have a curious mind to create unique solutions for a project. Make sure to check the innovative skills of the person before hiring a Drupal developer for your website.


The experience of a developer defines the knowledge; the amount of experience a developer has in providing beneficial Drupal web development services helps in determining the skills of the developer. Theoretical knowledge is of no use until you know where to use it, as a result, practical knowledge is a must for every Drupal developer.


A Drupal developer should have knowledge of languages like PHP, MYSQL and Jquery. These languages are necessary for the development of a Drupal project. Along with the languages, there should be the knowledge of modules and plugins as well.


It is not necessary that the developer will have one task only; sometimes there are several tasks at a time to handle simultaneously. At such times it is necessary to know how to manage the time to handle the entire list of task on time. Also, there should be knowledge of prioritizing and completing the tasks as per the requirement of the client and the need of the project.


For a developer, it is necessary to have a quick grasping power in order to learn. It is not impossible for the developer to know everything, but what’s important is how much the developer is willing to learn and how quickly he/she understands and grasps the concepts


Check out what the previous clients have to say about the developer and its work. It is the best way to know the reputation of the developer. The previous clients will reveal the professional attitude and work of any Drupal coder.


Discuss the exactly available time of the developer before assigning a project to any programmer. Talk to the coder about the time suitable for you and the time he/she can be available; because there are certain scenarios where the developers were not available as per the requirement of the client due to the difference in time zone or any other reason.

Hiring the right Drupal developer to handle your project is no longer stressful. At Skylink Technology we take time and care to match you with the best Drupal developer for your individual needs and are available to assist you with any aspect of your Drupal web development.

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