Know How React Native Emerging as the Future of Hybrid Mobile App

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What is React Native?

Flash is awesome. It can play the sound and video consistently on any device. All one got to do is introduce the flash player for their respective device.

React Native could be a framework that uses JavaScript and Responds to form applications on iOS and Android, as it were programming once. Based on components, like ReactJS, Respond Local has numerous libraries that can make life much simpler when it comes to developing apps.

Using React Native, we can take between 60 and 80 percent of the code, because although not everything is compatible with both operating systems (iOS and Android) at the same time and sometimes you have to program specifically for each one, we can share a large part of its content on both platforms.

Being based on Javascript, we can take advantage of the great versatility of this language and use NodeJS for the backend, which allows the same developer to act as a full-stack, that is, create both the front-end part and the back-end part of the mobile application. Integrating React Native with NodeJS is relatively easy since, as we have said, both frameworks are based on Javascript and can also use the NPM package manager.

Native Applications are very Profitable

The construction of separate applications for different platforms is difficult, extensible and expensive since it requires completely different ecosystems. For Android applications, you will need to have knowledge in Java, Android SDK, etc. If you want to develop for iOS, then you will have to learn or hire specialists in Swift or Objective-C and Cocoa Touch.

In addition, developers will also have to learn more complicated tools from each ecosystem that includes packages, libraries, testing tools (Testing) and many more. Each of these technologies and skill requirements makes it difficult to build two separate applications. Generally, in these cases, a client or company must hire two different development teams.

Benefits of React Native

There are numerous benefits of using react native and the reasons why developers have to work with this framework. Below are given some of the vital reasons which will give you a snippy acumen why react is most superior to develop native mobile apps as:

1. Performance

React native uses 60 frames per second and thus offers the native look and feel to apps. It enables the developers to update apps faster with the help of over the air updates. Once the update is completed, then you can easily publish the feature. There is no requirement to update the react native mobile app with the app store manually.


It allows the mobile app developers to do live updates to an app without moving through an app store. Since this uses JavaScript, therefore you can make the required changes whenever necessary by simply using AppHarbor and Microsft CodeRush.

3. Support for major platforms

One of the major issues to be addressed was the support offered by platforms for different platforms, which has been diminished quite nicely by React Native. It supports the two most popular operating systems of this modern era, iOS, and Android without having developers to code from scratch. The same code can further be reused for other platforms as well.

4. Focused UI

React native was originally introduced on the iOS support but because of its amazing capabilities and features, Facebook decided to develop its support for Android applications also. Therefore, now the developers can build this framework on iOS and Android app simultaneously through one codebase.

The framework is responsible for designing a mobile UI, which is done with perfection as it reflects as a complete JavaScript library. The interaction between the framework and the device’s environment is synchronized to give users a sublime experience. This makes the processes run smoothly without glitches.

5. Third-party compatibility

Third-party app integration is allowed to React Native, which means the device can benefit from third-party app functionalities. The integrated APIs don’t create an extra load on the device keeping the things smooth and effective as ever. The minimal memory is utilized during the course ensuring the performance isn’t hindered at any point in time.

6. Enhanced efficiency

The efficiency of the result remains intact or you can say is levitated to a certain extent. The use of ReactJS, which is globally acclaimed for its high speed, effective processing, agility, and impressive user experience, makes it possible providing native app experience to the end users.

Companies, Startups, and Organizations have solid proofs that confirm that around 80-100% of the code for mobile applications built with React Native allows them to create iOS and Android applications using only Javascript and reducing the costs of resources for development.

7. Popular and loved by the programmers

It is being loved by the programmers around the world due to the fact that it is easy and comprehensible to a user who is well-versed with JavaScript. A potent front-end developer can easily get his hands on the framework without worrying too much about the new interface and its conventions. Sighting the popularity and capabilities, it is certainly the future, which hybrid app developers look at.

8. Code reusability

This feature comes as a boon to the app developers allowing them to reuse the code once written for a particular platform. They are not required to start the whole coding process from the beginning, instead, they get a head start ahead of every project. It works on the ‘code once and uses everywhere’ principle that helps in saving a lot of time and effort. This is helpful in a way that programmers can work on more important aspects of logic and strategy rather than wasting time in writing code, which is already written for some other platform.

With the help of reacting native framework, there are no requirements to write multiple sets of code for different platforms, one set of JavaScript code is quite sufficient to enjoy the performance of REACT native mobile application services. There is no need to rely on web view for some specific features to link the plug-in with the native module.

Why Developers Choose React Native?

The developer’s community always looks for nimble development cycles and a great tool to develop robust mobile applications. Since its components have the counterparts rights, therefore the developers can reuse them for building both i.e. Android and iOS mobile applications. Originally, the react native was introduced for supporting iOS, however, with its current support for Android OS, the developers have started using it to create Android mobile apps with the same UIs. Nevertheless, react native is growing at a prominent pace and if the growth keeps on increasing, soon we will find more react to native developers than those Swift or Kotlin for development. This development in the mobile ecosystem will mark a huge shift from the traditional form of mobile development services. The field will evolve for absorbing the react native development or any kind of similar emerging or upcoming technologies into mobile app development.

Google trend is the most popular tool for undergoing the people’s interest in the search term. When it is used to forecast people interested in technology or a mobile development technique in this context, then it will help to tell which of them is growing and which is plummeting. React native helps to upload the apps quickly and thus gives a smoother feel. Another prominent reason that developers use this framework is that it allows developers to focus on a wide marketplace and make the huge profit. Hence, colossal companies like facebook, Walmart, UberEats, etc have shifted their eyeballs towards it. Today, the cross-platform applications development is in huge demand and thus react native is a perfect fit for a cross-platform development process which offers software ethics that most of the developers demand. With the help of this wonderful technology, the developers can successfully implement quality application architecture to boost app security and privacy.

Final thoughts

There are new opportunities to tap on for the developers and there is much more than you, as a React Native app development company can do to build remarkable mobile applications. So, if you look to get started with React Native, then it’s probably time to get associated with a trustable technical brand that can empower your business to new heights.


The quality of the applications, the ease of development, the richness of the platform, the ecosystem and the huge returns make React Native a viable solution for the development of mobile applications.

If you are looking to reduce costs and accelerate development time without compromising quality or performance, you must find a good developer at React Native, since the great community and the great growth you have had these days will make you benefit incredibly of the properties of this library.

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