Top 5 Web Design Trends for 2019

Website design trends in 2019 are coming for designer’s concern! We listed 10 must-known trends for designers to develop websites that people will cherish.

The rapid changes in web design trends and web development technologies have a coordinate effect on what is considered “good and bad” in making websites. Subsequently, it is basic for each designer to keep up with these changes.

What specific web design trends can we expect in 2019? Let’s have a look!
  • Mobile-first
  • Speed
  • Personalized illustration design
  • CSS3 animation
  • Video background
  • Minimalism
  • Responsive design
  • Gradient design
  • Typographic design
  • Design tools
Website Design Trends in 2019 #1: Mobile-First

Google rolled out mobile-first indexing algorithm in 2018, which is based on prioritizing content and links from mobile website pages. The initiative will be carried over to 2019, requiring web designers to give priority to the mobile form of websites.

Website Design Trends in 2019 #2: Speed

THREE seconds. That’s all users spend in choosing whether to take off or remain on a website. Your web design has that much time to convince a user to stay.

Moreover, due to the Speed Upgrade algorithm announced by Google in July 2018, designers have to be diminish page load time in case they need to improve their search engine rankings. In this way, speed ought to be a second vital web design trend in 2019 for designers’ thought.

Website Design Trends in 2019 #3: Personalized Illustration Design

According to statistics, the visual effect of the illustration on the user is 7 times superior than that of ordinary photography. The illustration is suitable to apply to the homepage of the site, modern user guidance, holding up for the interface, progress page, etc.

As a form of visual communication for modern websites, personalized illustration design is more interesting than the abstract content.

Website Design Trends in 2019 #4: CSS3 Animation

The rise of animation in the past two years has been exceptionally fast. Since CSS3 animation is considered generally unused within the UI field, there’s more room for its development within the application of web design. Therefore, it is logical for CSS3 animation to be used and developed more in the coming year.

Website Design Trends in 2019 #5: Dynamic Full-Screen Video Background

One of the best ways to catch the user’s attention is to create a website with a dynamic video background. Moving objects tend to be more alluring.

Compared to content or still images, brief videos are a more helpful way to supply more information, empowering the user to rapidly understand the characteristics of the web page or product. Video helps increase user time on page, which is nice for SEO and conversion rates.

Website Design Trends in 2019 #6: Minimalism, Simplicity but Not Simplistic

One of the classic web design patterns, minimalism is synonymous with simplicity. Frequently the first choice for web designers, it encapsulates the “less is more” rule. The less the interface design components, the way better.

Website Design Trends in 2019 #7: Responsive Web Design

The quick development of reading devices in later years – mobile devices, tablets, TVs, wearables, and desktops – has made designers mindful that responsive plan should be one of the mainstream web design trends in 2019.

Since Google begun highlighting mobile-responsive websites in 2010, mobile has ended up the first choice for responsive web design. Now that the number of mobile users has far exceeded that of desktop users, Google has also declared changes to its algorithm to prioritize mobile-first indexing.

The goal is to encourage companies to update their responsive web design and improve the online experience of mobile users.

Website Design Trends in 2019 #8: Bright and Gorgeous Gradient

Within the past few years, more and more designers have embraced color gradation in design. In 2018, the fluid gradient was very prevalent. Indeed if only one color is used, it can make a rich layered structure with the help of gradients and different images, resulting in an aesthetically pleasing experience.

The utilize of bright gradients and bold illustrations will be one of the mainstream color combinations in 2019.

Website Design Trends in 2019 #9: Creative Bold Typographic

The format of the web page is just as important as the content shown on the interface. Statistics show that more than 95% of the information on a webpage is content. In terms of influence on users, typesetting is second only to web color matching and images.

Website Design Trends in 2019 #10: Mainstream Design Tools

In any case of the type of web design – minimalism, responsive design, illustration design, gradient design, or typographic design – design tools are the establishment for everything. Effective design tools never go out of fashion. In 2019, these design tools will still be well known.

Sketch – UI interface design tool

Mockplus – Rapid prototyping tool

WebGradients – Gradient tool

FontMap – Font tool

Mockplus iDoc – Brand new design handoff tool

AE – Powerful dynamic visual processing software

Wrapping Up: –

Web design trends are always a hot topic for designers around the world. Taking after the above 10 web design trend predictions for 2019, designers can capitalize on their strengths to create bolder, interesting, and unforgettable designs. Creative web design isn’t a matter of chance. It can be analyzed, understood, and executed. Keep an eye on new web design trends, and you’ll be beyond any doubt to build excellent websites.

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