Web Development Trends In 2018

Latest Web Development Trends Coming Up In 2018

In order to be successful, one must know the most popular web development technologies and that includes knowing the website trends for 2018. Nobody should fall behind on things because being on top of the subject means that you are adaptable and that you accept how the modern society and modern markets work. So, if you are into SEO web development, it means that you have to do everything to make the most of your work and you need to be resourceful and flexible. Amongst other things, what brings greater success and better results is knowing the 2018 website design trends because we all know that all of these things can mean a lot to any website owner

Here are the latest trends in web development that you must know about:


We could’ve seen that functional programming has been coming our way a long before now, but now we will be able to witness the increase of its impact. FP elaborates the process of building software based on fundamental principles. Namely, the principles of functional programming involve building software by composing pure functions. Amongst the other things, mutable data, shared state and side effects are avoided in functional programming.

Namely, since functional code is predictable, it is obvious why it can be a bit easier to some compared to object oriented code. One thing is sure, testing will be easier.


Another thing we can expect in 2018 when it comes to web development are more compatible browser extensions. Since browse extensions modify the browser functionality and add features, change content and appearances. We can surely expect them to be more compatible for other browsers too.


Namely, the real-time web applications which are based on web sockets have been here for many years. However, now they are getting their popularity. Of course, the reason for this is the wish of users to get fast interaction and the real-time apps are super-efficient in sharing information instantly.

Also, because there is open connection between the server and the client, the server gives the new data to the user once it is on. Before having such apps, users needed to check manually if there is new information.


These are the apps which have the design and the functionality of mobile apps.

If we were questioning how to emulate web content for mobile, now we have to ask the question, the other way around. The web applications will try and emulate everything that works on mobile to give the mobile users the similar feel and touch. Basically, this means that they will be creating app-like experience on websites and web pages.


We can conclude that in the year of 2018 we will have new design trends and new frameworks, mobile developments and whatnot, and these will all affect the expectations of the users. In order to be successful as Skylink Technology is, companies and individuals must be able to respond to the growing user expectations.

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